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Welcome to my personal website.


The theme of Nathan Mumm’s career is a seamless merging of technology, management, and business operations.

Nathan is the host of the radio show
"TechTime with Nathan Mumm" the show reaches over 35 million radio listeners each week. 

The ability to maintain and enhance current knowledge trends has come with over twenty years of experience, in all aspects of IT (infrastructure, applications, and user support). Nathan was working with Microsoft during their historic growth, and he has led teams throughout the rise of Internet Services and Cloud Computing.

Nathan has also worked directly with Bill Gates and Paul Allen, co-founders of Microsoft and arguably two of the most elite men in technology. Nathan combines a deep strategic thought process with a hands-on, get-it-done mentality.

Available for:

Keynote Speaking

CIO IT Executive Services:

  • Project Management

  • IT Consulting

  • Program Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Overview of IT Budgets

  • Confidential Analysis


Social links:

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"Nathan, undertakes the most complex issues of IT Support to simple concerns of growth and leadership and makes them easily understood, and attainable to those working with him on large and small projects. 

He does this by listening, bringing together talented people and allowing members to move within the structure so the best possible outcome can be produced. 

Nathan, sees success as a Team Concept, not as an individual banner of hope/glory. His insight to the every changing abilities of each team member allows for growth and harmony. He is direct and firm without demeaning the passionate inter-workings of the Team."

- Frank K. A. Sloan,

Project Manager & Advance Lead Executive Protection at Nastec International, Inc.

"I have been in the professional business sector now for 28 years and most recently in the last decade when the internet was brought to us all, we had a whole new challenge in our work space - IT SUPPORT! The guy everyone liked (mostly) but never wants to see - it would usually mean a problem with the network or equipment.


Over the past year I was fortunate enough to have Nathan join our company, way over qualified in my opinion to be there with the knowledge that fills his cap! But wow what a breath of fresh air. Nathan brought a whole new word to the meaning of SUPPORT and Technology to us.


What Nathan accomplished in less than a year was simply amazing. I would recommend Nathan any day!!"

- Dennis M. Atwood,

SAP Sales Executive at Navigator Business Solutions


"You can only succeed

if you are willing to risk it all."


Office 365 Conversion
(250 User Upgrade) -

Moving any organization to Office 365 is a multi-phased project that requires expertise in project management, change management, technical consulting, and technical support.

The Office 365 Migration Solutions enable us to use Office 365 – on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to your business.


Windows 10 Company Refresh & Install (250 User Upgrade) - 

We were a first adapter to upgrade our complete company to Windows 10. We used a small pilot group to test all of our Line of Business Applications and worked to make sure compatibility was standardize across the organization.
We supported a variety of update management solutions including onsite and remote installs.

These solutions enabled us to select which updates were to deploy to which devices on a set schedule. 

Migrate Companies Internal Website to SharePoint O365 Cloud

Migrated several SharePoint Services 3.0 sites and some SharePoint Foundation 2010 sites to a new SharePoint O365 service. This included setup with all the old data available in the new interface and access permission transfer.

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