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Microsoft & Vulcan

During the historic growth of Microsoft, Nathan Mumm led teams during the rise of Internet services and cloud computing, and most recently supervised technology decisions as the Director of Executive Services for one of the world's most renowned technology visionaries. 


Working directly with some of the most elite men in technology, both Co-founders of Microsoft directly (Bill Gates and Paul Allen) he has helped shape the technology landscape recommending solutions in business and personal aspects regarding technology.

He worked as the Director of Executive Services at Vulcan. During that time he managed the executive support group, property site teams and all media operations. Two years into management, he was asked to supervise Paul's private band, physical security and personal protection, and his personal museum "The Living Computer Museum". 

Prior to that he served as Senior/Lead Manager at Microsoft for 11 years, supervising many technology teams, and collaborating on the development of the original Xbox and the creation of SharePoint Technologies.



As a ten year employee at Microsoft I was able to grow and progress in the company to my final position as a Senior Program Manager. In my final role I was running a beta development team for a project with the code name InfoPlus now known as Microsoft SharePoint.

• Release of application InfoPlus Version 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 (Beta of Microsoft SharePoint)
• Creation of application from conceptual idea into beta development and then to release
• Developed and maintained a team of writers for the IT Policies and Standards Department
• Created the first IT 24x7 support for Xbox Division.
• Worked with new Technologies & Product introduction for CEO to keynote at Comdex.

• Helped create, develop, design, and implement a Knowledge Management solution for Microsoft’s IT group. This included creating the following: a project plan with a scope of responsibilities, a framework process, a full development plan, a testing plan, feedback in focus groups, workflow processes, completion of a Web-based tool, and management of funds and resources. 

• This enabled the development of a beta application known as InfoPlus. This project saved Microsoft over 2 million dollars in FY04. With an average of 1.8 million hits per month.

• As the IT Group Manager for the Xbox Service and Support, I was in charge of creating a local help desk service providing technical support 24x7 to the Xbox Development Group.

• While in Executive Support we were in charge of supporting technology for Microsoft’s Vice presidents, Sr. Vice presidents and CEO. All of our daily tasks involved working abroad, problem solving, user/customer liaisons and contributions as a technical resource. Formulation of technical documentation, and structured testing procedures and testing implementations were implemented before releasing a product to our VPs. In this position we were required to provide analysis and consultation with the principles on new emerging technologies.

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As a Senior Manager at Vulcan, I manage all aspects of the Technology, Librarian Services, Studio Service and Security for the owners lives twenty four hours a day 365 days a year.

• Providing an ongoing training with customer service focused improvement plan was a key factor in rebuilding two support groups for the owners that were ineffective. This included the Executive Protection team at Vulcan along with the Executive Support team. While I was working with these teams I was asked to take over the responsibility of managing four separate groups including Yachts Technology, Site Operations, Media Operations, and the Acquisition/Refresh Team in 2010. All of these teams had a core emphasis on owner support and it was best to have one large group consolidate into one service organization. With this consolidation I was able to reduce staff 20% and reduce the budget by 2 million. This was all done while improving customer support and expanding each group's responsibilities.

• In 2011 after a successful track record of improvement I was approached to take over management of a diverse global intelligence/security team. This team provided timely, valuable, and actionable security/intelligence information with expertise in the area of product counterfeiting, fraud, anti-Piracy, and internal/criminal investigation. During the following years I added the Physical Security Group, Studio Services, owner's personal band, The Librarian Collection Group and direct management of the Living Computer Museum. 

• Providing the owner strategic key technology analysis for venture capital investments along with keeping abreast of emerging technologies was a daily task working at Vulcan.

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