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"Nathan's ability to build a technology team is quite amazing. More impressive is his talent in recruiting, training and employee retention. I would highly recommend him for a leadership position in your technology department."

Paul Hardwood,

CIO/Director of IT

"Nathan is a talented executive manager, specifically within the world of Personal Services. He is 10% committed to the prime business object, i.e. Client satisfaction. He consistently applies a systematic process improvements to meet the company/position objective(s). Often, to achieve this goal, Nathan must facilitate interdepartmental cooperation. He is adept at negotiating this relationships to a win win situation with management. 

He also believes in a strong sense of accountability at all levels. Part of the his ability to build to meet his objectives, is to build processes that may expose weaknesses, work with those team and individuals to augment their practices which results in an end to end process that meets the business objective"

Christine Viguie,

Sr. Program Manager at Vulcan

"Nathan is an ethical and highly valuable professional. The value he brings to his team both as a manager and team member are visible in everything he does. The ability to effectively manage a team while also earning their respect and loyalty is a fine line that Nathan walks gracefully."

David Weivoda,

Sr. Solutions Workflow Consultant in Design

Ricoh Americas Corporation

"Nathan is an amazing visionary with highly intelligent detailed business start-up skills whom has a work ethic like no other. It is a pleasure working with him."

Brandy Simpson,

New Home Builder's Best Friend

"Nathan is great to work with. Always has a smile even when things are coming at him from all angles. 
He made some serious changes right from Day 1 and anything that helps me drive more sales through gained technological efficiencies is a homerun by me! 
Keep up the great work! 

Cure Weese,

Director of Strategic Accounts

"Nathan Mumm is a great mentor as well as person. He takes on any challenge presented to him with professional enthusiasm and dedication. Mumm truly is a natural leader that is respected from all levels within the company. His sense of loyalty, moral ethics and brilliance, sets him apart from any other individual I have worked with. 

I would highly recommend Nathan Mumm to anyone and wish him all the best in his future endenvors!"

Tierney Lindblad,

HR + Corporate Recruiter QBSI

"In the time I have known Nathan, he has shown himself to be a detail oriented, dependable, and trustworthy person. He brings a thoroughness to projects, extensive technical expertise, as well as the ability to see and keep in mind the big picture. He’s been a great person to work with, and learn from."

Laurie Chapman,

Strategic Accounts Sales Manager

"Having worked with Nathan in the implementation of a new VoIP network over 10 locations in the last year, his attention to detail, vendor relationship skills and oversight of the implementation separates him from the pack."

Cameron DeMile,

Sr. Account Executive at Cerium Networks

"Nathan took over a historically troubled part of the organization and was the first person to ever stabilize the group. In fact his organization experienced tremendous growth under his leadership. And the business owners asked him to take over many ailing groups because they were so pleased with his results. By the time he left he was running most of the services that were directly responsible for the business owners technology, security, and general support."

Ralph Ferrin,


"Nathan is a great leader and advocate for technology. It's very apparent how much he loves learning and leading in the field of technology based on how well he's respected. Nathan is well respected for his outstanding results in dealing with very complicated and complex projects."

Scott Bramhall,

National Account Manager - West Region at ConvergeOne

"I have been in the professional business sector now for 28 years and most recently in the last decade when the internet was brought to us all we had a whole new challenge in our work space - IT SUPPORT! The guy everyone like (mostly) but never wants to see - it would usually mean a problem with the network or equipment. Over the past year I was fortunate enough to have Nathan join our company, way over qualified in my opinion to be there with the knowledge that fills his cap! But wow what a breath of fresh air. Nathan brought a whole new word to the meaning of SUPPORT and Technology to us. What Nathan accomplished in less than a year was simply amazing. I would recommend Nathan any day!!"

Dennis M. Atwood,

SAP Sales Executive at Navigator Business Solutions

"Nathan excels at understanding people's natural strengths and manages the department in a way that maximizes each person's abilities. He is also proficient at managing a great variety of technical projects simultaneously."

Leif Christensen,

ISG Post-Sales Support at Copiers Northwest

"Nathan Mumm is a great mentor as well as person. He takes on any challenge presented to him with professional enthusiasm and dedication. Mumm truly is a natural leader that is respected from all levels within the company. His sense of loyalty, moral ethics and brilliance, sets him apart from any other individual I have worked with. 

I would highly recommend Nathan Mumm to anyone and wish him all the best in his future endenvors!"

Kelly Bailey,

Help Desk Manager

"Nathan has extensive IT knowledge and is more than willing to help anyone. His cutting edge ideas and advice coupled with his positive energy makes him extremely enjoyable to work with. I am excited to learn from Nathan, and see his expertise contribute to the growth of CNW."

Kerry Read,

Assistant Manager at Jaks Grill

"Nathan defines the meaning of hard work. He has more daily tasks than time will allow but he accomplishes them with relentless effort. Nathan has the ability to lead any organization successfully as he can recognize a problem in its early stages which allows him to solve it in a manner that makes everyone around him better. Nathan has what it takes to exceed any expectations that are given him"

Michael Ciolek,

Account Executive Group Sales at Miami Dolphins

"I had the privilege of working very closely with Nathan in his role as Director of Executive Services at Vulcan. His ability to manage a complex network of people, sites and facilities with professionalism and discretion at all times was remarkable. He was virtually unflappable in every situation."

Erin Dobson,

Director of Community Engagement at Pivotal Ventures, Executive Office of Melinda Gates

"I hired Nathan close to a year ago. He has been a model employee and an excellent CTO. He possesses exceptional leadership skills and demands from his team the highest level of customer service. He works well under stress and maintains a calm and positive attitude at all times. Nathan is goal-oriented, dedicated and pays attention to details along with a strong moral core. In addition, he is highly technical and has his pulse on emerging technologies. I highly recommend Nathan."

Marc Gregoire,

Vice President - integrated Solutions Group / CTO

"Nathan is a very knowledgeable and supportive technology officer. He is always willing and eager to answer any question regarding the use and betterment of technology within the office. I could always rely on Nathan for useful support and advice in the workplace. He was always quick to provide me with complicated technological solutions in a short span of time. He and his team were the best IT experts I have had the privilege of working with thus far in my career."

Joella Ortega,


"I worked closely with Nathan and his teams in Executive Protection, Sites-Media and Executive Services. His leadership for those intensely service oriented departments was innovative and effective. His staff training model emphasized superior service levels for the principals and he succeeded in producing top notch teams of dedicated, loyal service professionals. Everyone in the personal service industry can take notes for success from Nathans training protocols. 
He is a forward thinking mentor for his tech team with a talent for cyber security and a dedicated professional that handled sensitive high level data with integrity and discretion. 
Nathan is a highly esteemed management and business partner for all of us with the good fortune of working with him."

Ellen Hadley,

Estate Management, Family Office Executive, Director of Personal Assets and Services

"Nathan took on a huge challenge of turning a reactive team with a challenging mission into a highly responsive process-oriented team that was able to execute in a timely, highly efficient manner. His leadership was key in creating one of the best run groups in the organization. He excels at handling high pressure situations with calm, keeping everyone focused on the goal at hand."

Ted Schmidt,

Senior Program Manager

"Nathan Mumm has always impressed me with his work ethic – as a Director at Vulcan, not only did Nathan work round the clock within his own position, but he could often be found rolling up his sleeves and doing the work of those he managed when necessary. His attitude consistently promoted the belief “whatever it takes to get the job done” and he unfailingly lived that out in his role as Director at Vulcan."

Keli Chambers,

House Manager

"Nathan does a great job bringing people and teams together, getting things done that are right for the company and the teams. I have seen Nathan take on new groups of people to manage even when he did not have much knowledge of what they do. He was able to dig in, learn what they do, and get standard operating procedures in place. 

I reported to Nathan for 6 years. Nathan has been the best manager I have come across in my career. He cares about his team and works with each person to help them grow professionally and personally. I welcome a chance to work with Nathan again."

Bill Crader,

Co Owner at Envision Home Automation, LLC

"I hired and directly managed Nathan during my time at Vulcan. Nathan was a dedicated director at Vulcan and was able to provide great leadership to his diverse team. Nathan was original hired as a senior manager of executive support, but was able to take on more responsibilities relating to executive services over the years. Nathan was in charge of all the security details at Vulcan, media operations, as well as oversight for all owner personal computer needs. 

As a director, Nathan was able to provide leaderships and guidance for his direct reporting managers which included cost saving initiatives and process improvements. I would recommend Nathan to any company looking for a can do attitude and strong team leader"

Allen Range,

Director of Information Technology at Institute for Systems Biology

"I had the pleasure to work with and alongside Mr. Nathan Mumm as we both pursued a passion to expand amateur/professional athletics in our communities. Nathan developed a professional experience that has never been seen in Snohomish County. Through his leadership and dedication, Nathan was able to assemble a business model for success in the sporting industry that was able to transcend sports and bring collective minds together to expand local business opportunities. The successes of local amateur and minor league athletics owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Mumm. Without his vision and direction, our success would have been measured in inches instead of miles."

Jim Kessler,

Principal and Senior Associate at J2 Building Consultants

"Nathan, undertakes the most complex issues of IT Support to simple concerns of growth and leadership and makes them easily understood, and attainable to those working with him on large and small projects. 

He does this by listening, bringing together talented people and allowing members to move within the structure so the best possible outcome can be produced. 

Nathan, sees success as a Team Concept, not as an individual banner of hope/glory. His insight to the every changing abilities of each team member allows for growth and harmony. He is direct and firm without demeaning the passionate inter-workings of the team."

Frank K. A. Sloan,

Project Manager & Advance Lead Executive Protection at Nastec International, Inc.

"Nathan is a person who gets the job done. If I needed something addressed, Nathan would take care of it. He is honest and direct, manages his teams well and is focused on achieving management's expectations. I enjoyed interacting with Nathan during my time at Vulcan."

Shannon Girlando,

Experienced Finance & Account Leader

"Nathan is a strong manager, adept at overseeing a large enterprise with many moving parts. Among his many strengths is his ability to share information effectively between several departments and bring them all together to contribute to common goals. 

Highly effective, dedicated, and extremely motivated, Nathan is an excellent leader for a fast-paced technology-based team of professionals."

Glenn Lorbecki,

President, Glenn Sound Inc

"Nathan has a strong drive for results. When working together at Vulcan, he consistently delivered on time and under budget, and was adept at solving any problem that came his way. His reliability, focus, and dedication are unsurpassed!"

Sure Coliton,

Partner at Luma Consulting, LLC

"While I only worked under Nathan for a short time, I found him to be a smart, engaged and capable multitasking manager. He managed a large and diverse group very well. He was practical, listened well and found creative solutions to problems. I recommend Nathan and would be happy to work for him again!"

Dave Dysart,

Owner Dysart Music, Microsoft MediaLab, Berklee Online Instructor

"I highly recommend Nathan Mumm. I have the pleasure of reporting directly to Mr. Mumm. Nathan shines at his incredible adaptability within an ever changing environment. Nathan also impresses when it comes to bringing a project, or department, from below average/average, to an exceptional and productive part of an organization. 

Nathan is one of those rare individuals that success seems to always follow as a result of hard work. His expertise in the technology industry is unmatched."

Josh Weiland,

Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Copiers Northwest and BluZEBRA Tech

"Nathan is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed our experiences. We were presented with problems and challenges on a daily basis, these were met with sound solutions and positive process changes."

Marc Gregoire,

Vice President - integrated Solutions Group / CTO

"Over the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of working with Nathan on a number of projects. In that time Nathan repeatedly displayed an ability to accomplish goals, organize teams, and motivate others to achieve higher level results than they would be capable of on their own. 

My experience is that Nathan is reliable, honest, and exhibits an exceptional level of integrity in work and in life. 

I would recommend Nathan for any position where team motivation, results, and integrity are necessary qualities for success."

James Riddle,

Vice President, Client Services at Kinetiq a Division of Quorum Review IRB

"Nathan is a highly motivated individual that does whatever it takes to get the job done. He is highly engaged in all processes and understands what it takes to build a team."

Mark Rupert,

Sr. System Engineers (Executive)

"Nathan's strength lies in his ability to deliver results and remove roadblocks for his employees. His ability to anticipate problems before they occur creates an accountability trait that allows him to deliver on his commitments. On the rare occasions where his deliverable may be in jeopardy, he is resourceful enough to create a "work-around" or roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty"

Carma Brown, 


Snr. Corporate Recruiter

"Nathan was a business-savvy manager who created an extremely collaborative environment to work in. He's extremely good at creating dedicated teams, and supporting a diverse group of ideas, molding them into a single cohesive product vision. 

I was only able to work with Nathan for a year, but I'm proud of the work we did together."

Christopher Brown,

Principal Software Developer - Microsoft

"Nathan is a great leader and advocate for technology. It's very apparent how much he loves learning and leading in the field of technology based on how well he's respected. Nathan is well respected for his outstanding results in dealing with very complicated and complex projects."

Markus Malasky,

Chief Technology Officer at Nymbus Tech

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