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Courtyard Media Foundation 

President / CEO


Courtyard Media Foundation was a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young adults and youth with a diverse environment using team athletics.

As the President, working at Courtyard Media Foundation, I was in charge of all aspects of the Basketball Operations for the Everett/Snohomish County Explosion Professional Minor league basketball team.


• Created and developed the investment plan for 13 investors to enable an owner/investment into a 2.1 million dollar funded organization.

• Working as President, I hired all staff including group and department managers, game day staff and professional athletes. This task was to develop a full time staff to operate and maintain the business model set up within the investor ownership plan.

• Secured over a million dollars in funding through sponsorship. This was used for the general operation of the team and was able to offset player salaries and operational staff with the funded sponsorship income.

• Managed the day to day operations and vision thinking concepts in all aspects of marketing for the basketball team and the foundation. This included organization of all fundraising aspects within the foundation. Was awarded “Executive of the Year” for the International Basketball League in 2007.

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